Who is Bernie Brozek?

Bernard J. Brozek is known as a popular executive leader for his innovative approach and a deep knowledge of different fields of industry. Since starting his business journey, he has worked in a number of industries and capabilities and was tried by businesses who want to use his considerable expertise in long-term planning and business creation. Bernie is able to recognize and exploit new opportunities by carefully evaluating and improving them.

Brozek currently living and working at a popular group of fast-growing franchises in Austin , Texas, where he works in the position of President.

Bernie based his attention on the growth of business opportunities after graduating from University of Pittsburgh Duquesne, Pennsylvania with a Bachelor of Science. He soon became renowned for his ability to apply vision and leadership in expanding business from his modest business beginnings as general manager of the Pizza Hut of America in Pittsburgh. In 1987 he was named Area Manager, overseeing 50 conventional pizza hut distribution and 50 suburban units for the Harrisburg / capitol area market. In 1991, Bernie saw another chance to extend his delivery services in the New York City area as Pizza Hut asked him. As the Distribution Operations Chief, he helped introduce and operate more than 70 new units. His accomplishments in this position included enhancing his recruitment practices and his leadership, making the chain the most successful region in the US.

Bernie served as Vice President / General Director of the Express Division of the chain with Pizza Hut of America until 1999. Bernie, through its leadership and vision, has significantly improved its cash flow through restructuring chain sales and has netted an additional $18 million in cash flow with 1200 new units in the division. Bernie Brozek signed lucrative deals with some of the largest food and retail companies in the world, and strategic alliances.

An Executive Officer Experienced

As a leader and company manager, Bernard Brozek's capacities in the business sector have become prominent. He has many strengths, including recruiting, public advertisement and public relations, in his command of various aspects of business development. These attributes make it highly marketable for any company expansion organization. Bernie was appointed Laundromax Chief Operating Officer in 1999. By revamping operations and financial plans of the company, it was able to lead the company to a profitability increase of 30 percent.

His next COO was a male and a female hair salon chain based in Georgetown, Texas with Sport Clips, Inc. From 2003 on, Bernie led the company's turnaround, from 58 locations to 822 expanding business units. This exponential growth has occurred over a period of five years; while Bernie has left the business, he continues to use his revolutionary franchise model.

In 2005, Bernard Brozek had the chance to create a new brand for the American Home Depot Stores home improvement chain. N-Hance Flooring was born from the sound design and implementation of Bernie's company, enabling rapid growth from a small group of locations to more than 160 in a period of two years. For any organization that wishes to increase the operational footprint, Bernie's experience in exploring new markets is a strong force.

Management: Strategic franchising

Franchising models allow companies to expand quickly and efficiently. Bernie Brozek has developed creative methods and processes as one of the world's leading companies in franchising. He was also President of United Growth Brands in Cincinnati, Ohio and a strategic franchising affiliate, and one of his accomplishments in this field. Bernie is an important component of the company 's accomplishments from 2013 onwards and presently. Numerous popular franchise brands have been introduced, including:

Coach for Growth

Painters with new coat

Care for TruBlue House

Want to do something?

Caring for Estate Transfers

Bernie has consolidated numerous franchising activities under one roof as president of United Growth Brands, meeting distribution plans and EBIDTAs along the way. These businesses, under its leadership, now account for over 500 million dollars in annual revenue and occupy thousands of units throughout the world.

Bernard Brozek continues in the corporate world to use his skills and his vision. His management is known for spreading from local , regional and national operations. His creative corporate management strategies have also helped businesses expand their franchise by over 300 percent.